Wine Opener #1507

Abundance Bottles


Pour in any cold beverage and these bottles will keep it ice COLD for up to 24 hours! Its clever design will also maintain HOT beverages for up to 12 hours and fits up to 750ml or 25oz of fluid.

This ‘Modern Day Bottle’ will keep any drink HOT for up to 12 hours – such as coffee, hot tea, hot cider, hot cocoa, mocha, espresso, lattes, or even soup AND COLD for up to 24 hours. Wine, water, soda, sports drinks, iced coffee, cocktails, juice, beer or liquor will stay unbelievably cold! Any substance, any temperature. Wide mouth makes it easy to clean and add ice cubes. Fits in standard cup holders and convenient for travel. Large space for engraving and great for any occasion – especially concerts, hiking, camping, hunting, the beach, pool, and boating. Not recommended for the dishwasher

Available in Black, White, Red, or Teal